An ancient country rich with diverse locations – from ancient castles and fortifications to Soviet era architecture and modern European streets.

Filming in Georgia

Georgia is located between Europe and Asia and overlooks the eastern coast of the Black Sea with the Caucasus mountains rising dramatically to the north. It is generally 2-3 hours flying time from Central Europe. 

The country’s small size enables filming to take place within an hour’s drive of major cities. Despite its size, Georgia has diverse climate zones that range from snowy mountain peaks to subtropical forests, deep canyons, seaside resorts and desert-like vistas. This ancient country is rich with diverse locations. From ancient castles and fortifications to Soviet era architecture and modern European streets.

Georgia’s history of film production reaches back well over 100 years. Today, the tradition continues with a pool of talented crew, multilingual crew, a rich variety of cast and a good selection of production equipment.


The climate of Georgia is remarkably varied for such a small country. It is mild and rainy on the coast and on the western plain, more continental and arid in the central and eastern inland areas while much cooler in the mountains. 

In the west most rain occurs during the spring and summer while in the east rains usually occur during mid to late spring. Average summer temperatures range from 24 degrees in many regions down to 5 degrees in the mountain areas.

Our Partner

Our Partner in Georgia draws on many years of experience. They have accumulated a vast database of professional crew, located throughout Georgia and the region, and maintain a strong relationship with local authorities, allowing them to get maximum production support. They’ve filmed all over the country and have good knowledge of the logistics required in each region. 

They offer a wide variety of services from location scout, equipment rental, accommodation, transport and post production as well as assistance with accessing the rebate scheme for qualifying productions. They are also able to source a wide range of film equipment: cameras, grip, lights and sound, as well as a wide range of cast.

Tax Breaks & Incentives

Georgian and foreign producers who create audio visual products on the territory of Georgia can take advantage of a 20-25% cash rebate. The returns will be based on qualifying expenses defined by the program. This includes a 20% cash rebate on qualified expenses incurred in Georgia. 

An additional rebate of up to 5% is available if a production promotes Georgia as a destination the program’s “Cultural Test.”


Recent Credits

Glimpses of Georgia: Adventure
Bloomberg Media Studios

Production houses: Bloomberg Media, Whisper Films, Like a Shot Entertainment, TVF.

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