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The soul of Hong Kong city is an inspiration to filmmakers with its blend of skyscrapers, colonial buildings and garish neon lights.

Filming in Hong Kong

Being a beacon of the Chinese film industry, Hong Kong is definitely one of the most recognizable locations on the silver screen. With famous stars whose names ring across the globe such as Jackie Chan and Bruce Lee, Hong Kong film production companies are no stranger to the international stage.

The motion picture industry has always been steadily contributing to the booming economy of Hong Kong. As a matter of fact, the city even has some of the most instantly recognisable sights in the world. Whether it is the stunning blend of towering skyscrapers, traditional colonial buildings, the garish neon lights of Kowloon at night or its lush evergreens. The soul of Hong Kong city is an inspiration to many filmmakers worldwide.


Hong Kong’s climate is sub-tropical, tending towards temperate for nearly half the year. During November and December there are pleasant breezes, plenty of sunshine and comfortable temperatures. Many people regard these as the best months of the year. January and February are cloudier, with occasional cold fronts followed by dry northerly winds. It is not uncommon for temperatures to drop below 10°C in urban areas. The lowest temperature recorded at the Observatory is 0°C , although sub-zero temperatures and frost occur at times on high ground and in the New Territories.

Our Partner

Our Partner offers video & film production support services in Hong Kong for any aspiring studios or companies that wish to shoot in there. A complete ground crew and expert staff are readily available to assist you throughout your video production in Hong Kong. From location scouting to production management, the team has extensive experience filming in many countries and are most able to provide Hong Kong film production support services.

Photography production support service and film location scout services are also an integral part of our Partner’s offering to clients. Join them and your film production experience here in Hong Kong will be a memorable one. They are excited to work collaboratively with you for a smooth filming experience here under the bustling lights of Hong Kong.

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Production houses: Snog Productions Inc, Lisa Pritchard Agency, Tohokushinsha Film Tokyo, Giants & Toys, Futurek, 27 Kilometer Entertainment GmbH , Far Media, Rabagast, Hey Darling, 3spin GmbH & Co. KG, Iris Worldwide, JSR Agency, Cause + Effect , TBD Media Group Ltd , BPH Production

Our shoot required multiple street locations in HK for an automobile client. [They] did an amazing job organizing the locations, cast and crew for a very challenging project on time and budget with a very happy client.

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