Serbia’s rugged mountains, fortresses and Danuabe river passing through cities makes it an attractive destination for filmmakers.

Filming in Serbia

Serbia is located in the southern part of Central Europe and is bordered by seven other countries. The country has a wide variety of natural locations like hills, rugged mountains, fortresses and rivers such as the Danube passing through cities and towns with both old and new architectural design. The country also has some beautiful naturally occurring sights like the Jelasnicka gorge with its imposing 100-metre rock formations or the majestic Uvac canyon. Serbia is also a safe, politically stable country. 

There are many benefits to filming in Serbia. For instance, it is easy to shoot with drones as it is a standard procedure and licences are held by drone technicians.

Serbia also offers a wide range of set designers,  from those who have worked on Hollywood blockbusters to ones experienced in commercials. 

When it comes to filming equipment, Serbia offers some of the best rental houses on the market. They not only provide equipment from their own rental houses, but also import equipment from their partners from Europe.


Serbia has a mild continental four-season climate with mildly cold winters and warm summers. The north of Serbia and the upland regions have a continental climate, with colder winters and hotter summers.  The summer months of June to August experience little rain and precipitation is moderate throughout the year with snow during the winter months. The mountains and inland regions get heavy snowfall. Average temperatures range from -3°C (26.6°F) to 3°C (37.4°F) in January and 17°C (62.6°F) to 28°C (82.4°F) in July.

Our Partner

Our Partner for Serbia has been providing its production services for feature films, commercials, photoshoots and music videos in the Central European region for more than 12 years.

The team really aims to surround their clients with an uplifting crew giving them a sense of ease as they fly through the whole production process. The team believes it’s equally important to provide them with the highest quality production service along with joyful memories and little gifts to take home from the shared journey of filmmaking. It’s hard to describe the pride and happiness when the esteemed clients decide to bring another project to them. You are welcome to meet the team!

Tax Breaks & Incentives

  • Serbia offers a cash rebate from 20% up to 30%
    • 25% Feature film, TV film, feature-length documentary film and animated film intended for broadcasting, that last at least 70 minutes
    • 25% TV series containing at least three episodes not shorter than 40 minutes;
    • 25% Documentary programmes not shorter that 40 minutes
    • 25% Post-production or VFX for any of the abovementioned formats
    • 30% for feature films with Serbian Spend of minimum 5.000.000 EUR
    • 20% for TV Commercials
  • Minimum sped
    • Feature films, TV films and TV series: 300.000 EUR with 150.000 EUR minimum per episode for TV series
    • Animated film, audio and/or visual post-production: 150.000 EUR
    • Special-purpose film/TV Commercials: 150.000 EUR
    • Documentary films: 50.000 EUR
  • The call for applications is open all year. The applicant must be a Serbian registered company acting on behalf of the investor in the project or SPV company setup for the production in Serbia. 
  • The budget allocated for 2023 is 16.5 million EUR. Projects that surpass amount of annual budget allocated for this fiscal year may be transferred into the next year.

Recent Credits

Production houses: Rattling Stick, Caviar, Smuggler, Independent Media, Tobbogan, RSA, Caspar&Co Productions, Biscuit Filmworks, Just So, Tobago Films, Gang Films, Storner, e+p films, We Young, Erste Liebe, Soft Citizen, Spy Films, Bacon, Motion Blur

Directors: Karim Do, Janusz Kaminski, Tim Godsall, Todd Field, Noam Murro, Jean-Pierre Jeunet, Arni & Kinski, Jonathan Notaro, Aircastle, Peter Atencio, Aladino Debert, Bjoern Ruhmann, Oskar Holmedal, Gary Lankford, John J Budion, Kenan Moran, Frank Samuel, Rad-ish, Koichi Tokuhira, Yusuke Tanaka, Tomokazu Yamada, Daihachi Yoshida, Anton Watts, Rob Sanders, David Lodge, Jonny Madderson and Jono Stevens, Clay Weiner, Julien Potart, Carine Charaire and Olivier Casamayou

Over the years I have filmed in over 55 different countries around the world. Working with them… was one of the most professional, pleasurable and cost efficient of all those experiences.

John Garland
Executive Producer – JWT, NY

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