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Where else can you find 12-hour workdays that feel like a breeze? It’s like the country runs on creativity and caffeine! Plus, with a century of art department history, you’re practically filming in a living museum.

Filming in Czech Republic

Welcome to the Czech Republic, a country that offers some of the most unique and accessible filming locations in Europe. Nestled within a small geographic area, our country allows filmmakers to capture diverse motifs without the need to travel long distances or across borders, thus saving precious time and money.

The Czech Republic boasts an array of easily accessible locations that provide a remarkable backdrop for your productions. From picturesque countryside landscapes to vibrant urban settings, our diverse range of locations offers endless possibilities. Within our small country, you can find everything from medieval castles and historic towns to modern cityscapes and natural wonders.

When you choose to film in the Czech Republic, you gain access to highly skilled local crews who are committed and creatively driven. From experienced technicians to talented department heads, our film professionals bring their expertise and passion to every project. What’s more, they are multilingual, fluent in languages such as English, French, and German, ensuring smooth communication on set.

One of the unique advantages of filming in the Czech Republic is our rich architectural heritage. Our historic buildings and charming streetscapes allow our cities to double for major European destinations like Paris, London, or Vienna. And the best part? It comes at a much more affordable price. Whether you’re seeking grand palaces, narrow cobblestone alleys, or modern urban settings, we have the perfect backdrop to bring your vision to life.

Our country showcases the distinct beauty of all four seasons, providing incredible variety for your productions. Capture the vibrant colors of spring blossoms, the warmth of summer sunshine, the golden hues of autumn foliage, or the enchanting winter landscapes. Our seasonal diversity ensures that each project can evoke the desired atmosphere and visual impact.

Prague, one of the most popular destinations in Europe, offers a treasure trove of historical landmarks, museums, and cultural venues. Its stunning architecture and timeless charm make it an ideal filming location. Immerse yourself in the city’s rich history, enjoy its vibrant arts scene, and explore its musical venues to add an extra layer of authenticity to your production.

The Czech Republic has been the backdrop for numerous notable film and TV productions. From Academy Award-winning films like “Amadeus” to international blockbusters like “Mission: Impossible” and “Casino Royale,” our country has played host to a wide range of captivating stories.

When you choose the Czech Republic for your film production, you gain access to an extraordinary combination of diverse locations, skilled crews, and a rich cultural heritage. Discover the magic of our country and let your creativity soar. Welcome to the Czech Republic, where your vision becomes reality.


The climate in the Czech Republic is advantageous for filming due to its temperate, continental climate characterized by significant variance across the four seasons. Spring (March to May) is fresh and invigorating, with temperatures ranging from 8°C to 19°C, offering scenes filled with blooming flowers and lush greenery.

Summer (June to August) is warm and sunny, with average temperatures ranging from 20°C to 28°C, excellent for outdoor shots and scenes requiring pleasant weather. Autumn (September to November) features a range of colors as the foliage changes, creating a picturesque backdrop, with temperatures gradually dropping from 19°C to around 5°C.

Winter (December to February) in the Czech Republic is chilly, with temperatures usually between -1°C and 3°C, providing a stunning winter wonderland for those snowy scenes. The diversity of the seasons enhances the option of variable sceneries for filmmakers.

Our Partner

Our Partner is a renowned production and full-service company based in the heart of Prague, Czech Republic. They have carved a niche in specializing in a wide array of mediums from TV commercials and digital content to photo shoots and music videos, extending even to feature films and documentaries. With a legacy of over a couple of decades, our Partner has a rich history of coordinating, supervising, and assisting some of the industry’s most respected producers, cinematographers, directors, and agencies. Their commitment to delivering top-notch production value at optimized costs sets them apart. For this company, the yardstick of success stretches beyond monetary measures to the creative outcome of the project, cost-effective production, and above all, client satisfaction.

Tax Breaks & Incentives

The Czech Republic offers a competitive incentives scheme, managed by the Czech Film Fund, providing filmmakers with substantial cash rebates on qualifying domestic and international expenditures. The scheme applies to a range of productions, including feature films, animation, and documentary films with a minimum runtime of 70 minutes. It also encompasses fictional TV content – films with a runtime of at least 70 minutes and TV series with a minimum of 30 minutes per episode. Furthermore, the incentives extend to animated series with each episode running for at least 5 minutes. The amount of rebate is quite generous – 20% on qualifying Czech expenses and a substantial 66% rebate on withholding tax paid in the Czech Republic. However, there is a cap of CZK 150m on the grant per project, effective from January 2nd, 2023.

Furthermore, the process to apply for these incentives is straightforward and user-friendly. Thus, you can focus on bringing your creative vision to life, knowing that you’ll also receive significant financial support.

Recent Credits

Our Partner has recently partnered with top-tier production houses such as Bonkers, Rebolucion, and The Sweet Shop. They have provided services to esteemed US companies including Slash Dynamic, Spark & Riot, Chromista, and Kode from London. The company has had the privilege of collaborating with acclaimed directors such as Steve Ayson, Armando Bo, Justin Reardon, Martin Werner, Jonathan Herman, Michael Wong, Laurence Dunmore, and many more. Locally, they represent the award-winning director Marek Partys, whose exceptional vision and directorial prowess have earned him numerous accolades. They have also collaborated with talented individuals like Robert Hloz, the director behind Netflix’s critically acclaimed “Restore Point”.

In the realm of DOP, they have collaborated with Oscar winner Hoyte Van Hoytema, as well as industry veterans like Joost Van Gelder and the promising talent Filip Marek.

Notable Productions: Amadeus, Mission: Impossible, The Gray Man, Casino Royale, Carnival Row, All Quiet on the Western Front, The Illusionist, Les Misérables, Everything Is Illuminated, Hellboy, Blade 2, Hart’s War, Doom, Hannibal, Oliver Twist, XXX, Kafka, Van Helsing, Extraction 2, Spider-Man: Far From Home, and many more.

We love working with (THEM), our awesome partner in Prague. They’re total pros, but they also know how to have a blast!!”

Ezequiel Ortiz, CEO, Rebolucion 

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