A country in which traditional mysticism and modern development live side by side, Thailand exudes a certain charm that is hardly found anywhere else in the world.

Filming in Thailand

With 800 foreign projects on average choosing Thailand as their preferred filming location, the country serves as the production hub of South East Asia. Filmmakers are often attracted to the duality and contrast the country provides. Thailand offers a wide span of breathtaking locations, including crowded megalopolis, towering peak mountains and rice paddies, and tropical islands and beaches.

With its combination of soaring Bangkok cityscape, inspiring temple sanctums, ruins of ancient Prasathinpanomrung and mysterious magical alleyways of the Old Town district, Thailand allows filmmakers the scope to film anything from historical period sets to the modern futuristic sets imaginable. Traveling to each location is easy, with an hour flight to Northern and Southern Thailand from Bangkok, and the closest beaches and forests located within 2 to 3 hours’ drive.

All key infrastructure, talent and world class crew who meet the highest global standards are available nationwide at very competitive rates. The crew is bilingual and have extensive experience in working with foreign productions and projects of all scales, from independent budget films to major studio blockbusters. The Thai crew can handle 5 to 6 projects simultaneously.


The climate of Thailand is tropical, with three distinct seasons:

  • a hot season from March to mid-May;
  • a rainy season due to the southwest monsoon, which generally runs from mid-May to October;
  • a dry and relatively cool season from November to February, when the north-east monsoon, coming from the Asian continent, prevails.
  • February is the driest time of the year and also the most popular with tourists. However, the relatively cool season is felt in the north and in inland areas, while on the coasts and in the south it’s hot even in winter. Bangkok has a hot, tropical climate with daytime temperature reaching mid-30°C throughout the year.

Our Partners

Our two partners are some of the leading production services companies in Thailand. With over 20 years of operation, they have experience in almost every genre of filmmaking and represent the pinnacle of expertise for film production and production service. Their international and local crew of highly motivated and committed professionals offer the best standards of production services. They have provided production services for over 100 feature films and TV series, 1,000 TV commercials and digital videos, and has produced over 10 independent feature films and series, in English and Thai languages.

They offer the best selection of location services from north to south of Asia, covering some of the best landmarks imaginable. Their production team offers the best in logistics management, creative vision and technical savvy. They also have an impressive showreel which has put them right at the forefront of production support teams offering an ideal setting for filming in exotic locations such as Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, and Japan. These destinations provide a wide range of backdrops as Western cities, snowy landscapes, sunny beaches, deserts, mountains, lush jungles, modern cities, and even historic temples.

The variety of settings and filming possibilities enables directors and production teams to unleash their creativity while meeting the specific needs of each project. Whether it’s an action-packed sequence in a modern city or a serene moment amidst the snowy scenery, Ta Production provides captivating locations that breathe life into every scene.

Tax Breaks & Incentives

Thailand offers an interesting Film Incentive Program, open to all International film productions that have been granted a film permit by the Thailand Film Office and has contracted a local production services company registered with the Department Of Tourism. All film, television, and video productions are eligible, in the exception of TV Commercials.


– 15% guaranteed at 50 million Thai Baht local spend (approx. US $1.4 million) Local spend is defined as directly production-related expenses to Thai-registered businesses and individuals.


– 20% guaranteed at 100 million Thai Baht local spend (approx. US $3.2 million), and for shoots happening before December 31st, 2023


3% when filming in designated tourism locations 3% when hiring Thai Key Personnel – Director, Director of Photography, etc.2% for productions which also complete post-production in Thailand. 5% if the audiovisual project can be used by the Thailand Film Office and the Thai Government to promote tourism in the Kingdom


The consideration period is up to 90 days after submission of the application to the Film Incentive Committee. The committee will then announce their decision to applicants.

After approval of the committee, all audited and other relevant documents must be submitted within 120 days of the completion of physical production (together with post-production, should post-production apply) to the Incentive Committee. A final announcement shall be made within 90 days, after all documentation has been verified and approved by the committee.

The cash rebate is subject to a maximum cap of 150 million Thai Baht (approx. USD $4 million). The max cap on Incentive percentage combination is 20%. There is no mandatory cultural test to apply for the Film Incentive Program.


Partner showreel
Partner showreel

Production houses:

Iconoclast, Havas, Caviar, TBWA, Partizan, Stink, Biscuit Filmworks, Mc Cann, Division, Prodigious, Publicis Group, Birth, General Pop, Ogivly, Henry, Onirim, Czar, BETC, Wielden + Kennedy, Phantasm, La Pac, Sid Lee, Quad, Hamlet, Wanda, Tempomedia, Prime Video, Amazon Studios, Netflix, BWGBTL, CBS Studios, Gaumont, Unveil Studio, Syfy Channel, EMI, KNR Productions, Snog Productions, Lisa Pritchard Agency, Tohokushinsha Film Tokyo, Giants & Toys, Futurek, 27KM, Far Media, Rabagast, Hey Darling, 3spin, KG, Iris Worldwide, JSR Agency, Cause + Effect , TBD Media Group Ltd , BPH Production


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