Romania’s spectacular filming locations have attracted many world renowned directors to shoot thousands of commercials and feature films.

Filming in Romania

With a wide range of spectacular filming locations covering all landforms, Romania has  been, throughout the years, a top choice for advertising and feature productions. 

Bucharest’s historical architecture has a french influence combined with modern  skyscrapers as well as buildings from the communist era. The country also offers  breathtaking mountainous landscapes, rolling hills, picturesque settlements and landscapes  and medieval castles. All of this has helped to attract world-known directors to shoot thousands of  commercials and awarded features, such as Cold Mountain, Ghost Rider-Spirit of  Vengeance, Django, Wednesday, The Whistleblower, The Brother’s Bloom, Killing Eve and  many others. 

Romania offers built up infrastructure and top notch experienced working crews  that can facilitate any scale of production whilst achieving some of the most competitive  prices on the market. 

High quality shooting facilities and standing sets in the two main studios situated in Bucharest  and access to the latest equipment on the market have helped sustain Romania as a main  East European production hub.


Like other countries in south-east Europe, Romania has a temperate continental climate of a transitional type, with very warm summers and cold, snowy winters.  

In the capital, Bucharest, summer temperatures regularly reach the mid-30s Celsius, while in  winter they drop well below zero. 

With significant differences in the climate between different regions of Romania, the  average temperatures are 22°C in July and -2 °C in winter months. 

Our Partner

Our Romania Partner is a full service production company established in Bucharest by Andrei Loghin, with more than 12 years of experience in the world of film and international service production, servicing jobs and multinational clients from all over the world. Their activity focuses on the production of commercials and music videos as well as television content and feature film.

Working with them brings you the best Romanian professionals on your set, putting together the fun part of filmmaking with their experience to achieve a smooth production.

With a strong link to one of the most respected postproduction studios in Romania, our Partner can offer a wide range of postproduction services needed to fulfil the most complicated requirements in this field.

Being fully aware of our industry’s impact on the climate, they are focusing on implementing the green production concept on all their productions. They have been members of Green the Bid since 2022.

Tax Breaks & Incentives

Even though efforts have been made, at this point there is no active incentive scheme for  feature and commercial productions in Romania. 

Recent Credits

Hugendubel Das perfekte Buch

Production houses: Markenfilm (DE), Tempomedia (DE), Zauberberg Productions (DE), Czar (DE), Akkurat  Studios (DE), Anorak (DE), Simon&Paul (DE), BWGTBLD GmbH (DE), Soup Film (DE), Park  Pictures (US), Rattiling Stick(UK), Somesuch&Co(UK), CYLNDR (UK), Biscuit Productions (UK)

Directors: Joachim Back, Traktor, The Glue Society, Warwick, Nico Beyer, Sebastian Strasser, Psyop,  Alex Feil, Thomas Skoging, Manu Cossu, Micky Suelzer, Andre Stringer, Claas Ortmann, Tore  Frandsen, Jon Barber, Dorian&Daniel, Rodrigo Valdes, Ivan Jurado, Anton Tammi, Daniel  Lundh, Max Millies

Producers/EP : Christiane Dressler, Lutz Mueller, Mortiz Merkel, Julian Holland, Andrea Roman Perse, Frang  Siegl, Simon Fessler, Greta Müller, Carolin Rüger, Thomas Lohann, Sabine Lippert, Katrin  Zilliger, Ben Roberts, Richard Ulfvengren, Ben Cooper, Simone Maggi, Caroline Kousidonis,  Robert Tewes, Lorenz Marcus, Cornelius Rönz, Stephan Brockmann, Vera Portz, Timm Reinfarth, Alexander Schildt;

Working with [them] as a local production partner always feels more like working with your crew from home. I really love the friendly working atmosphere. Furthermore I appreciate that [they are] 100% reliable and make things work. Always a pleasure and great experience to work with them!

Simon Fessler
Executive Producer 

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