China’s picturesque rural landscapes and revolutionary urban cityscapes provide a surreal background for your film production.

Filming in China

China is a country of interest in the eyes of many filmmakers. With a civilization history dating back thousands of years, the country is definitely not short in displaying its cultural splendour. China is a country of great contrasts, with picturesque rural landscapes and revolutionary urban cityscapes. With diverse locales that will compel audiences, many companies choose to carry out film production in China for excellent film production support and amazing locations.

China is blessed with natural beauty which range from the untamed to the idyllic, from the windswept plains of the Gobi Desert and Mt Everest’s notorious northern face to Yangshuo’s gorgeous karst scenery. These locations provide a surreal background for your film production in China. The country is huge and wild enough to satisfy any filmmaker’s vision and is a visually charged ride for anyone with a little time and an instinct for adventure.


Extremely diverse; tropical in south to sub arctic in north. Spring (March – April) and autumn (September – October) are the best times to visit China. Daytime temperatures range from 20°C to 30°C (68°F – 86°F) in these seasons – but bear in mind that nights can still be bitterly cold.

Our Partner

Our partner is a dynamic company engaged in all genres of film production, TV commercials, still photography, music video and independent films.They have bases across Asia, including Shanghai China. They offer the best selection of location services from north to south of Asia, covering some of the best landmarks imaginable. Their production team offers the best in logistics management, creative vision and technical savvy. They have an impressive showreel which has put them right at the forefront of production support teams.

In short, our partner is the provider of all your production needs.

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Production houses: Snog Productions Inc, Lisa Pritchard Agency, Tohokushinsha Film Tokyo, Giants & Toys, Futurek, 27 Kilometer Entertainment GmbH , Far Media, Rabagast, Hey Darling, 3spin GmbH & Co. KG, Iris Worldwide, JSR Agency, Cause + Effect , TBD Media Group Ltd , BPH Production

[They] supported us on a shoot in Shanghai, and they provided us an incredible backlot location, with special stunt rigging and martial arts stunt personnel. Overall a fantastic experience, under very demanding circumstances, it was an exciting project.

Carl Smith
Producer at Giants

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