Mexico its been location for several Hollywood productions, having facilitated some of the most successful productions of all time including Titanic, Pearl Harbour, Troy, Men of Fire, and several more including the TV series The Walking Dead.

Filming in Mexico

Mexico offers a wide range of locations, from ancient ruins to modern cities, picturesque beaches, colonial towns, and lush jungles.

Before you start filming, it’s essential to understand the permit requirements and regulations set by the Mexican government. The regulations vary depending on the type of production, location, and the use of equipment. Contact the Mexican Film Commission (Comisión Mexicana de Filmaciones) or local film offices for guidance on permits and regulations. This is where our partner is invaluable. They can provide assistance with permits, location scouting, hiring crew and talent, equipment rental, transportation, accommodations, and other logistics. They are well-versed in the local regulations and can help streamline the filming process.

Mexico has a thriving film industry with talented professionals in various roles, including cinematographers, production designers, actors, and more. As with any filming location, it’s important to prioritize safety and security. Stay updated on the current security situation in the areas you plan to film and take necessary precautions. Consult local authorities, hire local security personnel if needed, and ensure your insurance covers any potential risks.


The climate in Mexico is mainly temperate. Average temperatures range from 17C to 30C throughout the year.
The mountains in northern Mexico have recorded sub-zero temperatures and the northern city of Mexicali has reached as high as 52C. Coastal Mexico and the beaches of the Pacific and the Caribbean average temperatures of between 25C and 35C.


Our Partner

A Mexican production services company with a proven track record of successfully guiding & accompanying major production companies in Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean. With more than 30 years of production experience, their first-class producers, technicians and staff offer an unparalleled production experience. All of their clients are internationally recognised companies. They provide comprehensive, turn-key production and location support services and help top end producers to prepare and set up their shoot, and have provided services and supported projects with all sort of budgets

Tax Breaks & Incentives

Foreign film productions can benefit from income tax exemptions on revenue generated from film production activities in Mexico. This exemption usually applies to non-resident production companies.

Foreign film productions are often exempt from paying the Value Added Tax (VAT) on goods and services acquired within Mexico for their film production activities.

Film equipment and props brought into Mexico for production purposes may be eligible for temporary admission, allowing them to enter the country without paying customs duties or import taxes.

Some states in Mexico, such as Baja California, Mexico City, and Quintana Roo, offer additional incentives to attract film productions. These incentives may include discounts on location fees, waived fees for public spaces, and assistance with permits and logistics. Additionally, the country offers incentives related to hiring local talent, crew, and technical personnel, which can help reduce production costs.

Mexico has various public funds and grants available for national and international film productions. These funds provide financial support for feature films, documentaries, and other audio-visual projects.

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