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Masses of sunshine, pristine becahes and diverse terrain makes South Africa a a long-standing destination for both commercial and narrative film productions.

Filming in South Africa

With a mature film industry and an annual 3100 hours of sunshine, Cape Town has been a long-standing destination for both commercial and narrative film productions. Pristine Beaches, winding roads, alpine, urban and desert settings in a very short radius allow for the most diverse scenarios to be shot with short unit moves.

Being in the same time zone as Berlin, London, Amsterdam and Paris, South Africa offers long summer shoot days during the European winter.

Our rental houses carry the latest equipment in quantities that can service productions of all kinds and sizes. We have a world class infrastructure for all stages of production, including large interior and exterior film studios, including virtual production and state of the art post-production facilities.

Apart from numerous TV commercials for clients from every corner of the world, many major shows and feature films have recently been shot in South Africa, including Raised By Wolves, Tomb Raider, Resident Evil, Homeland, Mission Impossible and Maze Runner.


Cape Town has a warm Mediterranean climate, characterized by warm to hot, dry Summer from October to March and a cold and wet winter.

South Africa has both sub-tropical and temperate climate conditions, which are influenced by the ocean along the east and west coasts as well as the interior plateaus, bringing a cool, wet climate in the Drakensberg region, to warm, sub-tropical in the north east, and a Mediterranean climate in the south west and a warm dry desert environment in the central west and north west. 

Our Partner

Our South African Partner has been established since 2009 and is a creative film and stills production company, specialising in TV commercials, digital content, music videos, corporate videos, documentaries and commercial stills photography. They’ve shot in more than 40 countries and collaborated with production houses, ad agencies and brands from all parts of the world. A roster of in-house creative talent and post production facilities allows them to offer anything from partial production assistance to the full creative service.

With an adaptable production mindset, knowledge of the latest tech and focus on the essentials they create great pictures with any budget. They aim for diversity in their crews and environmentally conscious film sets.

Tax Breaks & Incentives

Production and post-production

  • Shooting on location in South Africa, the incentive will be calculated at 25% of Qualifying South African Production Expenditure (QSAPE), with a cap of R50 million.
  • An additional incentive of 5% of QSAPE is provided for productions shooting and conducting post-production in South Africa, and utilising the services of a black-owned service company.


  • Conduction post-production in South Africa, the incentive is calculated at 20% QSAPPE
  • An additional 2.5% of Qualifying South African Post-Production Expenditure (QSAPPE) is provided for spending at least R10 million of post-production budget in South Africa (22.5% cumulative).
  • Foreign post-production with QSAPPE of R15 million and above, the incentive is calculated at 25% of the QSAPPE.

Additional bilateral co-production agreements with Canada, Italy, Germany, UK, France, New Zealand, and Ireland.

Recent Credits

Showreel 2023

Credits: Somesuch, Object&Animal Photo, Saltwater, Library Films, Droga 5, TBWA, Panda Pictures. Adidas, BMW, Unilever, Sony Music, Universal, Warner, DeBeers , Supercell, BBC, arte, Apple Music, Google

‘Our Clio winning ad for the NYT, directed by Camille Summers-Valli was a hard nut to crack: Shooting in Cape Town with a director in London and agency in LA. To this day I’m glad we had [this partner] on the job, handling it smartly  and with great attention to detail.’

Lucy Gossage
Producer, Somesuch UK

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