With the Carpathian Mountains, old mines, beautiful forests and enticing filming incentives, Slovakia is a shrewd choice for filmmakers.

Filming in Slovakia

Slovakia is a mountainous country, with the Carpathian Mountains forming the backbone of the country. Slovakia has both large and small lakes, wide and narrow rivers, endless fields and beautiful forests, hills and caves.

Slovakia is full of old mines, which are ideal film locations. Scattered throughout the country are quaint old villages, castles and villas tucked away in Slovakia’s beautiful nature.

Cities also offer a variety of modern and well-preserved Gothic, Baroque and Renaissance architectural styles.

In some mountain ranges the snow remains on average 130 days per year.

There are many benefits of bringing your production to Slovakia. These include:

  • long working days of 12 hours, which includes a one hour lunchbreak
  • There are no unions
  • All major equipment is available
  • Helpful and kind english-speaking crew


Slovakia has a typical European continental climate.  The moderate climatic zone, with changing four seasons, average temperature in winter -2°C (28.4°F). The coldest month is January and it is coldest in the High Tatras area. Snowfall is also common during the winter months. In summer the average 21°C (69.8°F), the warmest months are July and August.

Our Partner

Our Partner for Slovakia has been providing its production services for feature films, commercials, photoshoots and music videos in the Central European region for more than 12 years.

The team really aims to surround their clients with an uplifting crew giving them a sense of ease as they fly through the whole production process. The team believes it’s equally important to provide them with the highest quality production service along with joyful memories and little gifts to take home from the shared journey of filmmaking. It’s hard to describe the pride and happiness when the esteemed clients decide to bring another project to them. You are welcome to meet the team!

Tax Breaks & Incentives

  • Slovakia offers a 33% cash rebate on expenses spent on film or TV production in the Slovak Republic. 
  • Minimum expenses required for a cash rebate:
    • €100,000 ($120,000) for individual feature film; 
    • €50,000 ($60,000) for documentary or animation spent in the Slovak Republic over a period of 3 years, after project registration.
    • €300,000 ($360,000) for television series of max. 26 episodes spent in the Slovak Republic over a period of 3 years, after project registration.
    • Minimum expenses required for a cash rebate: €100.000 for individual feature film;
  • The project must pass the cultural test with a minimum of 28 points out of 48. 
  • There is no budget limit on eligible costs, no requirement to guarantee theatrical or non-theatrical distribution in Slovakia 

Recent Credits

Production houses: Rattling Stick, Caviar, Smuggler, Independent Media, Tobbogan, RSA, Caspar&Co Productions, Biscuit Filmworks, Just So, Tobago Films, Gang Films, Storner, e+p films, We Young, Erste Liebe, Soft Citizen, Spy Films, Bacon, Motion Blur

Directors: Karim Do, Janusz Kaminski, Tim Godsall, Todd Field, Noam Murro, Jean-Pierre Jeunet, Arni & Kinski, Jonathan Notaro, Aircastle, Peter Atencio, Aladino Debert, Bjoern Ruhmann, Oskar Holmedal, Gary Lankford, John J Budion, Kenan Moran, Frank Samuel, Rad-ish, Koichi Tokuhira, Yusuke Tanaka, Tomokazu Yamada, Daihachi Yoshida, Anton Watts, Rob Sanders, David Lodge, Jonny Madderson and Jono Stevens, Clay Weiner, Julien Potart, Carine Charaire and Olivier Casamayou

 From the beginning until the end, you guys were prompt and efficient. Our shoot was full of challenges and you showed amazing partnership with us. Your experience, solidity and humanity made our experience memorable. I hope we get a chance to work together soon!

Emmanuelle Bérubé
Producer – Les-Enfants

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