Iconic settings and scenery, and a wealth of art and culture have been among the main charms for international productions in Italy.

Filming in Italy

Italy is one of the top European film and television destinations. Iconic settings and scenery, and a wealth of art and culture have been among the main charms for international productions to select Italy as a film location. The country has an extensive network of film commissions: 20 regional film commissions from north to south, including the islands (Sicily and Sardinia), are prepared to support and provide access to local producers to benefit from the regional incentives. They can help access local government authorities and private companies and are all very keen to host international film projects to boost attention and investment in their territories.

Italy also offers a tax credit for foreign film production.
Italy is definitely the dream location and stunning backdrop for any film director.


Italy’s magnificent locations satisfy any director’s wish. All kinds of locations are available in the country: From the stunning southern coast of Amalfi to historic cities of Rome and Venice, passing by the splendid Tuscany landscapes with a mixture of vineyards and hills, and from the spectacular white mountains of the Dolomite Alps in the north-eastern region to the desert and pristine beaches of Sardinia’s Island in the Mediterranean. 

Some Italian cities have characteristics that allow using parts of the city to look like other destinations: Milan and Rome can double for Paris, Vienna, Berlin, Madrid, and many other central European destinations. 

Shooting on the Sardinian Island coastline, the magnificent beaches, and the turquoise sea can double for any exotic place in the Caribbean.

Regulations and procedures vary from one region to another, so it is recommended to get in touch with authorities at least two weeks before the start of the production to request a shooting permit, especially when filming in major cities.


Italy has some of the most skilful and top-end production and technical crews in Europe and is home to some of the largest rental companies in the world. 

There is a full range of standard and specialized equipment available locally in all major cities in the country. If a foreign crew is planning on bringing equipment in from outside the European Union, ATA carnet is the best way and is recognized by the local customs authority. 

Italy is also home to Cinecittà studios, the state-of-the-art 400,000 square meters of production space and studio facilities in Rome, Teatro 5 one of the largest studio in Europe (2.800 or 30.000 sq.ft.) and a big virtual studio (1500 or 16.150 sq.ft). it’s one of the leading complexes in Europe, with a backlot offering several old Roman sets, and modern streets.


Italy’s weather is generally pleasant. Rarely does the temperature drop below 10°C in winter or rise above 40°C in summer. 

Winter is cold in the northern regions of the country, but pleasant in most of the south regions. Spring is a mix between sunny and a bit rainy.

Summer is hot and sunny across the country, except at high altitudes, is dry with occasional rainstorms, while autumn is mild with random rain from time to time. 

The northern region of the country has a cold and snowy winter, especially in the mountains. Some magnificent ski resorts and splendid mountains are located in the north-eastern region as well.  Italy can be split into three separate geographical regions: the north, the centre and the south including Sicily and Sardinia.

Our Partners

Our Partners in Italy offer full film production services as well as event management. Their full production services extend to TV commercials, movies, documentaries, corporate films, and fashion and product photography. Location scouting, casting, planning & budgeting, production & event management, and handling of all licensing and permits are just a few of the services they offers. They also provides tax credit consulting services for international film and television productions. Our Partners have produced TV commercials for a variety of brands, including Valentino, Gucci, Chopard, Mercedes,Toyota, Stella Artois, Ferrero and Vodafone.

Our Partners features also original productions for theatrical release. In 2015, theyproduced Behind The White Glasses, a feature-length documentary, written and directed by Valerio Ruiz, which is the portrait of the life and career of Lina Wertmüller, 2019 winner of a Honorary Oscar Award by the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences. The film entered the Venice Classics category at the 72nd Venice International Film Festival.

In 2019, they was involved in the co-production of Domino, Brian De Palma’s thrilling movie starring Nikolaj Coster-Waldau and Carice van Houten – widely known as JaimeLannister and Melisandre in Game of Thrones.

During the Covid-19 Lockdown, they supported and co-produced Italy in Bocca, a completely non-profit project aimed at spreading awareness about the Italian culinary tradition and some help to Italy which has been strongly affected by the pandemic. Recently, the company has supported and co-produced The Invisible, a short movie directed by Michele Antonio Parisi that has already won several honors and awards at international festivals (such as Rome International Movie Awards and Oniros Film Awards in New York).

Tax Breaks & Incentives

Italy has one of the most attractive Tax Credit for Foreign Film in Europe. 

Tax credits for international production provide as much as 30% of production costs in Italy. Qualifying formats: Feature theatrical film (fiction or documentary), TV film, TV series (fiction or documentary), and web series. 

Local authorities also provide up to 200.000 euros from regional funds.

Foreign productions are also exempt from the 22% VAT & GST (good and service tax).

Recent Credits

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Brands: Valentino, Gucci, Chopard, Mercedes,Toyota, Stella Artois, Ferrero, Vodafone, Samsung, Mazda, Peroni, Asahi, Nippon Paints, Dazn Creative, Amazon Prime

[This Partner] exceeds the production service support that is a common norm. It is their willingness to partake in taking the extra step to exceed the common goal that sets them apart from others. The financial ramification knowledge they hold is a value to any production partaking in business in Italy.

Rudy Castellon
Co-Executive Producer,

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