Iconic settings and scenery, and a wealth of art and culture have been among the main charms for international productions in Italy.

Filming in Italy

Shooting in Italy is always a great experience, locations are amazing, crews are extremely skilled and as per technical equipment you can access to any of the modern and updated technologies on the market for vehicles, cameras, lights and grip. 

In Cinecittà, in Rome, we have access to one of the most important studio facility in Europe, including a very updated VR studio, and beside that there are also many other studios with great constructors able to bult up any kind of set. 

The country extending from north to south, has a very wide variety of landscape and potential sets. 

In the north, alps and dolomites have incredibly scenic roads and panoramas. In the center of Italy we have amazing countryside in Tuscany, Umbria and Lazio. 

The south has beautiful jewels of architecture like the Amalfi coastal villages along with beaches, coats and island which are just beautiful, not to forget the architectural heritage of the cities of art such as Rome Venice and Florence, where the cities themselves have at open sky scenic sets, not to mention the background of fashion and design industry that allow production designers and wardrobe stylist to have great resources to put in front of the camera. 


Italian climate is generally Mediterranean, so pretty mild and can be divided in three climate zones. North of Italy, it normally cold winter and hot summer, with mild spring and autumn. The center has a very mild climate all year round, with no big differences between the seasons. The south and islands have a drier and warmer climate even in winter, spring and autumn are pretty warm and summer is quite hot. 

Of course, because of its geography, from the alps to the islands there are big differences in respect of specific areas. 

Our Partners

Our Italian partner is a full-service production services company specializing in TV commercials, music videos, feature films, scripted and unscripted TV. From their home base in Milan, they are able to support you and your production throughout Italy. 
Their partners have over 25 years of international production experience for clients such as Nike , Gucci, Bulgari, Trussardi, Martini  and have provided production support for directors such as, Jake Nava, Floria Sigismondi, John Madden, Tony Kay and many others. 

Whether you have a simple photo shoot or a multi-million dollar feature film, our Italian partner will work with you to find the best solutions for your budget, your clients, and your vision.They do anything and everything to make your shoot and your experience a happy and memorable one and work in a very transparent and direct way, involving the client in any detail of the budget and production structure of the project so to have him always informed and able to adjust in the most possible flexible way any details of the work.

Tax Breaks & Incentives

Under Italian law qualifying foreign productions can obtain a Tax Credit up to 40% of all eligible production costs. The eligible production costs must not exceed 75% of the total production budget.

Each Italian production service company (PSC) can recoup up to 20 million Euros per calendar year. Eligible costs are understood as production expenses, including pre and post production costs, incurred by the PSC in Italy .

The Tax Credit is accrued during production and post production and is based on the costs actually incurred by an Italian PSC. Foreign producers cannot apply directly for this Italian benefit, a local PSC must be engaged as the applicant subject to legal requirements and taxation in Italy.

The Italian Tax Credit is not a reimbursement or a rebate; the credit accrues on a monthly basis and is used by the PSC to offset their tax liabilities including: 
– Italian VAT 
– PSC’s income tax (e.g. Ires, Irap) 
– Italian social security and withholding taxes 

Recent Credits

Production Houses: Believe Media, Joinery, La Pac, Quad, Soup Film, KM27, Cherry Film, Iressistible Studios, Friend, Revolver Films,  Bet Day Ever, Mod Group China, Stories, Ovideo, Identity, Procine, Cobblestone, Park  Pictures, Tricilo Films, Czar, Depo Film, Sal Gorda 

Directors: Floria Sigismondi, Jake Nava, Reynald Gresset, Rune Milton, Tony Kaye, Wendy Morgan, Lennart Brede, Diana Kunst, Ago Panini, Laurent Chanez, Jorge Aguilera, Zaccella, Mariano Vivanco, Mark Segal , Michael Fueter, Johan Kramer, Nico Beyer, Lionel Goldstein.  

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