From ready-built sets to dramtic natural landscapes, Bulagria offers huge variety and some of the most competitive film production rates in Europe.

Filming in Bulgaria

Whether you need your camera tracking across a busy, snowy New York intersection, looking down on a gladiator fight in a sun-lit Roman arena, or speeding along a beautiful beach – Bulgaria has it all.

The industry can cater to it with a rich selection of built sets (New York City, Roman arena, Western town, American motel, etc); Bulgaria’s famous variety of stunning natural backdrops (dramatic mountain ranges, beautiful rivers and lakes, perfect sandy beaches, exciting roads of varying typology); high-end sound stages (i.e. heated underwater set with a bridge crane, green-box infinity cove with native Space lights, or a 1500m2 studio with large elephant doors); and a rich selection of unexpected urban settings and vibrant interiors.

Bulgaria boasts a diverse, multi-ethnic casting pool. Professional actors who have honed their skills on major Hollywood features; Bulgarian models with production credits from across the world; and a vibrant, ever-growing selection of contemporary faces with universal appeal.

The talented, technically skilled, English-speaking crews have gained experience working on A-list Hollywood productions and hundreds of service productions. Bulgaria also offers a favourable regulatory framework, allowing greater flexibility on productions featuring child actors, greater flexibility on obtaining location permits, and some of the most competitive film production rates in Europe. On average,Bulgarian costs are as much as 30% lower than those in Central Europe and far lower compared to Western European nations, the US and Canada.


Considering its relatively small area, Bulgaria has a variable and complex climate. Its territory blends two climatic regions: Continental in the north and Mediterranean in the south.

The continental influence, stronger during the winter, produces regular snowfall in December-March. The country’s Mediterranean climate, which increases in influence in the summer, tends to be hot and dry in the summers and cool in winters, with the weather being much milder along the eastern Black Sea coastal region.

Precipitation in Bulgaria is not abundant as the country is sheltered by several mountain ranges. Bulgaria is a fairly sunny country, with 2,300+ hours of sunshine per year.

Our Partners

Our Bulgarian Partners have combined experience of over 28 years in the full service production industry. They have a great team of creatives and experienced producers to make all your projects come alive, no matter how big or small. We transform good scripts into great films. They have successfully completed a wide range of major TV adverts and feature films. Their vast experience, technical expertise and in-depth knowledge of the Bulgarian film production industry are available to help you take your creative project to the next level.

As a balanced team of producers and directors – and a driven bunch of fighters – our Partners explore every film-making task from multiple perspectives. They search for the aesthetic essence of each shot you have planned, and then offer the best solution to make it happen, with meticulous attention to detail. Think unique shooting locations from every corner of Bulgaria and the Balkan region; a multitude of inspiring sets – pre-built, customized, or tailored from scratch to fit your vision; an impressive, ever-growing casting pool; up-to-date filming equipment; and high-end post-production options.

Tax Breaks & Incentives

As a member of the European Union, the country offers VAT free services to companies from other EU member states as well as a fixed 10% flat rate for personal and corporate income tax.

In 2022, Bulgaria supported the first projects under the introduction of the long-awaited 25% cash rebate for international film and TV productions. The new legislation elevated the country to a very competitive level compared to a number of European countries. Details about the scheme can be found through the link below:

Recent Credits

Intersport: Every Step
Production company: CNDY. Director: Efthimis Sanidis

Production houses: Giants & Toys, Bleck, Halal, Cake Films, Sterntag, Stink, Birth, Spoon, Daddy’s Film, Caviar, Cndy, Rattling Stick, Bonkers United, Quad, Hush Productions, Bus Producciones, Fish, Blur Productions, La Initials,TCM

Directors: Norman Bates, Jake Dypka, Andre Maat, Sharif Abdel Mawla, Alejandro Toledo, Steve Cope, Axel Laubscher, Eivind Holmboe, Salmon, Agustin Alberdi, Chino Moya, Efthimis Sanidis, Andrey Paounov, Danny & Locco

We started [working with them] seven years ago and we have been back ever since. We see them as great professionals and friends who give their hearts and soul in every production.

Christian Rehnfors
Executice Producer at Giants & Toys

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