Poland is a film-friendly and cost efficient country to shoot in with countless lakes, dense forests and mountains in the south.

Filming in Poland

Poland is a film-friendly and cost efficient country to shoot in! Permits for simpler shoots are usually not required, unless you are going to film in a public space or private premises. For bigger projects one can obtain a permit easily. 

Compared to other western countries you will find that crew are cheaper while still being highly professional and hardworking. Generally, almost everyone speaks English. 

Being one of the biggest countries in Central Europe its landscape offers a high range of diversity. In the south you’ll find the mountains, from higher Tatra with alpine panoramas, to lower Bieszczady whose wooded slopes provide wild sceneries. In the northeast, you’ll find the Masurian Lake District – a beautiful region with countless lakes and dense old forests. And up north, there is the Baltic Sea shore which stretches for over 300 km providing wide sandy beaches with beautiful dunes and high cliffs. 

Polish architecture is diverse and versatile. Polish borders have been moved many times throughout history, making the country include a wide range of styles and international influences. Here you’ll find Medieval castles and Renaissance buildings as well as countryside villages and modern and industrial cities and ambiences. 


Poland has relatively warm summers and cold winters, with beautiful springs and autumns. Given the climate It’s easy to capture all four seasons in full swing.

Our Partner

With headquarters in Stockholm, Sweden and branches all across Europe Poland has become one of the most popular filming locations for our Partner’s clients.

Our Partner’s local producers and fixers are used to handling international shoots of all kinds and can facilitate all necessary production support such as local crew, fixers, locations and equipment.

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