Poland is a film-friendly and cost efficient country to shoot in with countless lakes, dense forests and mountains in the south.

Filming in Poland

Poland is a quickly developing and open country. Every year becoming more modern and staying as historical as you can imagine. In a package, we provide beautiful seasides, lake districts, mountains, meadows, countryside landscapes and modern cities. People choose to shoot in Poland not just because our competitive prices but also because we have very professional crew. We have DOPs coming back just because they value the technicians so much. Through the years we have built a portfolio of foreign looking locations, foreign looking actors and if needed foreign looking weather – those backdrops are doing a great job


Poland has relatively warm summers and cold winters, with beautiful springs and autumns. Given the climate It’s easy to capture all four seasons in full swing.

Our Partner

Our Polish partner is a team of creative professionals delivering exceptional solutions tailored to your unique needs. They support you all the way from concept stage to final production. Partner with them for unmatched creativity, quality, and reliability in the world of advertising.

The Polish team specialise in production services, photoshoots and music videos and, in the last 30 years, they  have become known for one thing – turning challenges into cinematic triumphs.They take pride in their track record of success, and their commitment to deliver exceptional projects for their clients

Tax Breaks & Incentives

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Recent Credits


Zack Snyder,Fredrik Bond, Juan Cabral, Tom Kuntz, Darren Aronofsky, Tom Hooper, Bjorn Ruhmann, Pantera, Perlorian Brothers, Jovan Todorovic, Michael Fueter, Similar but Different, Tony Barry, Randy Krallman, Peter Lydon, Nur Casadevall, Ivan Fabbing, Martin Jalfen, Michale Kuhn, Mike Miquire, Christina Hodnet and many more.


Smuggler, Fox Devil Films, MJZ, Left Production, RSA, Armory, Independent Films, Minds Eye, Benoit Delhomme, Skunk,Soixante, Bandits, Partizan, Birth, Greenpoint, Creators, Stories,  Knucklehead, Hunky Dory, Creators Inc and many more.

“We loved working with you because you were positive, efficient & adaptable to changes / sign off at short notice…”

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