Picturesque lakeside towns, historic city centers and mountainous regions provide filmmakers with plenty of options to suit their creative vision.

Filming in Austria

Austria, like Switzerland, offers a diverse range of locations and settings for filmmakers. The architecture varies from chalets to modern urban buildings, providing a wide range of backdrops for different film genres. The country’s unique geographical locations, including picturesque lakeside towns, historic city centers, and mountainous regions, provide filmmakers with a variety of options to suit their creative vision. Austria boasts state-of-the-art facilities for film production, including sound stages, post-production services, and professional equipment rental companies.

Austria is known for its capital Vienna, which offers a wide variety of locations, from imperial residences and castles to ultra-modern architecture. The city has a long-standing reputation as a center of culture, art and tourism. It was the home to figures such as Mozart, Beethoven, and Sigmund Freud. Our Partner can arrange permits for filming anywhere in the city with sufficient lead time. In addition, Vienna offers many separate studios which will accommodate the bigger and also smaller productions. High-end postproduction and production facilities with soundstages due to open 2022 / 2023.

Austria offers a wide array of talent and crew, mostly fluent in English, as it is the main production hub. As Austria is a big hub for musicals, theater and television productions, costumes and set design are cost-effective and the quality is high. Working with the right production is essential. Even though it is part of the EU and Schengen (which means you can travel in Europe) a good production company can help with visas if necessary. Multiple international flights arrive regularly and ensure swift arrival and departures. Commercials, TV series and features ensure top equipment rentals.


Austria, located in the European heartland, lies within a temperate climatic zone. Austria’s landscapes include major and minor mountain ranges, hills and plains.

In the western part of the country the influence of the temperate Atlantic climate is felt more strongly. Consequently, this part is subject to less extreme weather conditions; winters are usually mild and summers rather warm. The west is also characterized by high precipitation. The diversity of topographical and climatic conditions results in a very versatile flora and fauna.

The geographic features in the more mountainous regions of the country have given rise to yet another climate zone, the Alpine climate, which causes winters to be colder than at lower altitudes. Temperatures depend largely on altitude, with averages 41 degrees Fahrenheit (5 degrees Celsius) lower for each additional 985 ft (300 m) of elevation. The country’s highest mountain is the Grossglockner (3,797m or 12,457 ft). Be aware that whatever the season, if you’re at a high altitude, the weather can change quickly and dramatically.


Our Partner

Founded in 1972, our Austria partner is a creative film production company managed by Philipp Schwinger. They incorporate new talent and strive to implement the latest technologies to benefit your production. They have shot and serviced projects in Austria and most of Europe, as well as New Zealand, South Africa, Buenos Aires and the United States.

Whether it’s for corporate or 360’ immersive experiences, they’ll help you get the results you require. And their testimonials endorse this. Whether you are an agency, a client, or a fellow production company, they will bid on your project and show you how easy, fun and cost-efficient it can be to produce quality commercials at the highest standard.

They produce mobile content, TV commercials, videos (including 360 content), along with augmented and virtual reality experiences – all at the highest level. If you require just production services, you will also get the latest technological know-how in the industry.

Tax Breaks & Incentives

Austria is late to the tax rebate party – but over the past few years Austria has changed, largely because of the introduction of a 30% rebate on local costs for international productions. The Austrian government has further solidified its support for the film industry by announcing the introduction of a 35% incentive for film and TV production starting on January 1, 2023. This non-repayable subsidy will offer up to $4.9m (€5m) per film and $7.3m (€7.5m) per series, with no cap on the funding available.

The applications must be made through an Austria-based production service company, with a 30% cash rebate offered for each project, along with an additional 5% green bonus for meeting environmental sustainability criteria.

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