The United Arab Emirates is a globally respected film-friendly region an abundance of varied locations and two large fantastically equipped studios.

Filming in UAE

The United Arab Emirates is a globally respected film-friendly region with two  main media centres in the capital Abu Dhabi and sister emirate of Dubai.  

The region has an abundance of varied locations Mountains, deserts, beaches,  islands, mangroves, lakes and and modern cityscapes with unique architecture bathed in sunshine all year round. All of which makes for a perfect multi-cultural filming destination located midway between Europe & Asia.  

There are international standard sound proof studio facilities in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, ranging in size from 11,000 and 50,000 sq.ft. These are equipped with water tanks, grid and cat-walk systems, elephant doors and much more. They feature all makes of digital cameras and film optical lenses including  Anamorphic Dollies, remote head cranes, Helicopter mounts, Drones,  underwater, Russian arm tracking vehicles. There are large backlots and standing sets supported by excellent workshops for set construction and props, all of which combines to offer vast potential for productions filming in the country. 

Live streaming has also become an integral part of shoots since 2020, allowing  clients & creatives to take part in any production remotely. 

UAE crews are multinational, coming from around the globe and residing in the  tax-free environment, working in harmony, communicating and understanding  two languages –  film and English. 

There have been many blockbuster franchises shot in the region: Mission Impossible,  Fast & Furious, Star Wars , Star Trek and Dune – proof enough that the UAE have  the locations, the climate and the talent to service most film requirements.


The hot season lasts for 4 months, from May to September, with an average  daily high temperature above 38°C sunrise at 05:30 and sunset is at 19:00. 

The cool season lasts for 6 months, from October to April with an average daily  high temperature below 25°C sunrise at 07:00 and sunset at 17:30. Even in the coldest month, January, the sunshine average is generally 7.5 hours per day. 

Our Partners

Our Partners in Dubai and Abu Dhabi have regional hubs for local and international production.

They have serviced many projects for production companies, agencies and clients from around the world, working with many international stars like Nicole  Kidman, Roger Fedora, Christiano Ronaldo, Tiger Woods, Sebastian Vettel,  Robbie Williams and Kylie Minogue. 

Their facilitation work encompasses well known series from the US, UK, South Korea, China and Australia such as The Real Housewives of Dubai, The Amazing Race, Dubai Hustle, Next Top Model, Masterchef, The Bachelor, Million Dollar Listing, The Apprentice, Around the World in 80 Ways, The Running Man and Exploration of the World.

Their fully produced series and one off documentaries for broadcast on networks such as National Geographic and Discovery are curated through the entire production process, from concept to rights clearance, insurance, permits, filming, scriptwriting, post-production, grade, sound design, QC and final delivery.

From high profile events such as the opening of Atlantis the Royal, complex live broadcast such as Ras Al Khaimah’s Guinness World Record breaking NYE fireworks with multiple live drones, helicopter and remote cameras to highly complex productions such as the Emirates Expo film featuring stunt woman Nicole Smith-Ludvik on top of Burj Khalifa with an A380, our Partners are able to bring decades of experience to any filming.

In addition to highly experienced producers, directors, DOPs and editors in house, they maintain core production equipment from cameras, lenses and lighting to sound and grip.

Tax Breaks & Incentives

One of our Partner’s locations in Abu Dhabi enables clients to access a 30% rebate scheme for qualifying productions. They are able to help guide productions through the rebate process. 

The Abu Dhabi Film Commission offers the Middle East’s first production incentive, providing access to a generous 30% cashback rebate on productions, including feature films, television dramas (including series), commercials, other television formats, such as documentaries and telemovies shot in Abu Dhabi; and post-production, digital content services, visual effects (PDV) services for projects shot inside or outside Abu Dhabi.

The rebate also applies on travel and accommodation including airfares booked with an Abu Dhabi Media Zone Authority travel agent.

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Recent Credits

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Recent Clients: World Gold Council,Etihad Airways, Gilette, Clear Shampoo, Emirates Airline, Shell V-Power, Dubai Tourism, Mercedes, Beeah

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