Hugely diverse landscapes and population plus a reputation as one of the most accommodating countries for commercial shoots.

Filming in Brazil

Brazil is good at reinforcing its stereotypes, from iconic beaches to football stadiums and tanned, toned bodies dancing to samba beats. The country is so much more than this, though. The local diversity makes it a flexible and affordable destination for international film productions.

From sandy beaches to rocky coastline, waterfalls to canyons, rainforests to deserts, mountains to gaucho savannah, colonial towns to sprawling metropolises, arid interiors and modernist architecture, the location possibilities are only as limited as your research.

Shooting in the world’s fifth largest country has its logistical challenges, but it’s completely doable with the right planning in place.

There are huge casting opportunities as well, with Brazil’s ethnic make-up as diverse as its immigration history, with Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Middle Eastern, Southern and Eastern European descendants, in addition to its native indigenous and vast Afro-Brazilian population.

With a reputation for being one of the most accommodating countries for commercial shoots, the immense diversity of Brazil’s landscape and population also make it ideal for documentaries, films, scripted drama and corporate videos.


Brazil has five climate zones – equatorial, tropical, semi-arid, highland tropical and subtropical. What all of Brazil has in common are the seasons: summer, the wet season, which falls between December and March, and winter, the dry season, which falls between June and September. The further north you go, the higher the heat and humidity. The further south you go, the cooler it is. The Amazon — always hot and humid — only experiences variations in rainfall, dictating whether you can travel on foot or by canoe.

Our Partner

Our Partner has been providing production services in Brazil for international clients for 20 years. They know that Brazil, with its continental proportions, language barrier and infamously slow bureaucracy, can seem like a daunting production location for foreign crews.

From projects spanning documentary, reality TV, news, advertising, branded content, corporate video, web series and photo shoots, from location scouting and Brazil fixers through to post-production, they offer a full range of production services.

Whether you’re drawn to the lush Amazon rainforest, the vibrant streets of Rio de Janeiro, or the charming colonial towns of Minas Gerais, they can help you bring your vision to life.

Tax Breaks & Incentives

Government incentives have helped set Brazil apart as the place to go for filming in South America. Some grants are available from national private companies via fiscal incentive schemes but they are competitive and need to be approved by the national film agency, Ancine. International films and TV series shooting in São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro can access a cash rebate of up to 35 per cent of their local eligible expenditure when doing a co-production.

Brazil is a member of the Latin American Cinematographic Co-production Treaty which enables taxpayers to deduct from their income tax all amounts invested in sponsoring Brazilian independent films, with a limit of 6 per cent of income tax payable for individuals and 4 per cent for legal entities.

Recent Credits

ofi corporte film – The Gate FIlms
directed by Matt McDermott

Previous Clients: HBO, Paramount+, Coca-Cola, Ogilvy, EBS, BASF, Siemens, Unilever, BBC, ITV, RTL, Al Jazeera, Euronews, Jaguar, Ubisoft, McKinsey & Company, Le Cinquième Rêve, Public Square Films, Zero Point Zero, Rabbitz Film AG, Trident Energy, Subway, AlgaeCal, Getty Images.

The Story Productions team did a fantastic job right from the start, through to post-production. The final result was fantastic, exceeding our expectations. We are grateful to the the team and hope this was the first of many projects we develop in partnership.

Hans Scholl,
MetroFit CEO

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