Sweden is increasingly popular due to its sophisticated film-industry infrastructure, English as a working language, and high production values.

Filming in Sweden

Sweden has a highly developed ecosystem for productions of all sizes. Local crew are known for being reliable, committed, flexible and well organised.

Apart from the magical winter landscapes Sweden has to offer, it is also known for its Scandinavian design ranging from medieval to contemporary. Here you’ll also get beautiful nature, scenic roads and of course – the archipelago with thousands of islands. In northern Sweden you‘ll also find the magical northern lights.

Southern Sweden, also known as the Skåne region, is located in the southernmost part of the country and is the most populous region in Sweden. Known for its rolling hills, lush forests, and beautiful lakes, the region’s coastline, particularly the east coast, is also known for its beautiful beaches and cliffs. The region boasts a picturesque landscape characterized by grand manors, charming gingerbread-style houses, and lush deciduous forests. The bustling metropolis of Malmö, known for its cosmopolitan culture and iconic “Twisting Torso” building, serves as the anchor of the region.

Southern Sweden is quickly becoming a popular choice for international film productions, due to its sophisticated film-industry infrastructure, English as a working language, and high production values. Additionally, the region has a rich cinematic history and has served as the location for several notable productions, including films and series by legendary filmmaker Ingmar Bergman and Inspector Wallander and Saga Norén from The Bridge. The proximity to Denmark, via the Oresund bridge, which is just a 30-35-minute drive away, is an added bonus.

Obtaining filming permits in Sweden is easy and you’ll find that you have plenty of locations to pick and choose from.


Sweden has four different climate types: the southern part has a temperate oceanic climate, the interior part of central Sweden experiences a temperate continental climate, the northern half has a cool continental climate, and in the mountains there is an Alpine climate. Sweden, like all European countries, has four distinct seasons. Characteristic are the relatively high summer temperatures and the mild winters compared to the surrounding countries on the same latitude.

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Our Sweden Partners have branches all across Europe and headquarters in Stockholm, Sweden and Copenhagen, Denmark. Their producers and fixers are used to handling international shoots of all kinds all across Europe and can facilitate all necessary production support such as crew, fixers, locations and equipment. With decades of experience in film production, they know their way around the cities and countryside of Scandinavia and have expertise across all the Scandinavian countries. They can also help you with logistics, permits, and assist with navigating the local culture.

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In the lead up to our arrival in Sweden, they were very clear in their communications and made me feel very at ease. They completely understood the brief and made sure that everything was organised and in order before our arrival. I felt in very good hands. On set, [they are] a pleasure to work with and extremely professional.

Kim Ingles
Producer, Tempur Campaign

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